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Don't get mad. Just sue them!

This site is dedicated to America's passion for litigation.

We cover the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to lawsuits. We explain, we educate. We never judge.

Let's face it. Suing people is a way of life here. Do you know how to sue somebody? You'll find out here if you don't.

Are you broke but want to sue a company? We explain everything you need to know about lawsuit cash advances, personal injury settlements, pre-settlement funding, advance cash settlements, legal cash, attorney loans, attorney financing, litigation funds, plaintiff cash, judgment advance, settlement loans, plaintiff advance, tort payments, and legal settlement advances. The bottomline? If you've got a good case, there's no reason not to sue because there are plenty of legal funding sources out there.

Are you being sued? Find out how to prepare for a lawsuit, how to find a good lawyer, and much more.

We'll be covering the basics of every kind of suit. Everything from personal injury lawsuits to class action lawsuits. If there are lawsuits of interest in the news, we'll cover them here. Tort reform initiatives? We'll cover it.

Is our society too litigious? We'll offer views from both sides, one that says Americans sue too much and the other that says our country prospers in large part because of a strong legal system that lets people sue.

Enjoy the site. It'll just get better and better with time and we welcome your comments. Just remember our terms of use: there's no legal advice here and you are urged to consult with a lawyer instead of just taking our word for anything. And, oh yeah, you agree never to sue us or anybody we know and love.