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Alaska Suing Over Endangered Species List

Alaska has decided to sue the federal government to challenge a recent decision the government made to place polar bears on the endangered species list.

The Department of the Interior says polar bears are threatened by their diminishing sea ice habitat, which is shrinking due to global warming.

However, Alaska maintains that there is insufficient evidence to support listing the polar bear as being threatened.

In case your wondering why somebody would sue to keep an animal off the endangered species list, the decision to sue the government is based on the pursuit of the black, gooey stuff that makes the world go round.

OIL, that is. Black gold. Texas tea.

That's right. Alaska's Governor Sarah Palin is worried that safeguards for polar bears may deter offshore shore oil exploration.

While there's some debate as to whether the polar bears are really in danger, one thing is for sure: when there's oil at stake, there's going to be lawyers and lawsuits.

In this case, we've got state governments suing federal governments. Guess who foots the bill to pay those lawyers? Taxpayers. In fact, Alaskan taxpayers are paying on both sides of the case. Nice.


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