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Apartheid Victims Sue US Corporations

South African apartheid victims are suing US corporations, and the US Supreme Court says that's fine with them.

There are three class action suits involved and nearly 50 multinational companies are being sued.

There was some question as to whether these cases could be tried in the American legal system, but the Supreme Court has weighed in and said "Let the lawsuits proceed!".

The lawsuits are seeking over $400 billion in damages, claiming that the sued companies assisted the South African military and security forces that perpetuated South Africa's apartheid regime.

These are some big and well-known companies that are being sued...companies like Coca-Cola, IBM, Hewlett-Packard, ExxonMobil, UBS, Deutsche Bank, Ford, General Motors, Bank of America, General Electric, and Citigroup.

This class action lawsuit is based on the Aliens Tort Claims Act, an 18th century law that allows foreigners to sue in US courts over international law violations.


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