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Getting legal advice on the web is a smart move if you are not independently wealthy. We recommend you learn as much as you can via all the great legal information web sites (including of course!) and then start talking to your lawyer. The more you know about the law, the better you'll do.

  • - The small business resource center on this site covers common and not-so-common legal and financial issues you and your partner may face.
  • - Have questions? This site has a ton of answers. There's a comprehensive FAQ that will come in handy whenever you've got a legal question.
  • - Home of the Ask the Real Estate Lawyer syndicated newspaper column. Covers real estate law topics.
  • - You can get many basic, useful prefab legal forms at this site.
  • - Looking for legal information? This site hosts an extensive list of legal resources catering to the average consumer as well as to the corporate lawyer.
  • Are we missing some good sites? If so, let us know!