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What are typical lawyer fees for a personal injury case?

How much does a good personal injury lawyer cost? Here's a quick look at legal fees for personal injury cases.

Attorneys will take on your personal injury case on a contingency fee basis. That means no fee is charged if there is no settlement or recovery.

In other words, the lawyer agrees to accept a percentage of the settlement or recovery, and they get paid if and only if they get results.

The percentage used for the contingency fee depends on the type of case and how complex it is. However, typical fees charged in personal injury lawsuits will range from 33 1/3% (one-third) on the low end to 50% on the high end.

In addition to the attorney's fee, litigation expenses are also charged against the client's portion of the settlement. This includes expenses paid to others who do not work for the law firm (e.g. expert witnesses) and other charges (e.g. travel expenses).

If your injury occured on the job and your case is a workers compensation case, then different rules apply.

Workers compensation lawyer fees are define by state regulations. So, in some states, for example, the maximum attorney fees that can be charged for representing an injured worker is 25% of the recovery.

Check with your state agency to find out the workers compensation case fee limits in your state.

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