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Why do I need a workers compensation attorney?

Although the worker's compensation system is designed to eliminate litigation between employer and employee, you still should hire a worker's compensation attorney.

If your employer disputes your worker's compensation claim, it is strongly recommended that you hire a worker's compensation attorney.

However, even if you have not yet made your claim, it's smart to hire a good workers compensation lawyer.

A good worker's compensation attorney will be intimately familiar with the process. They have handled thousands of cases. In contrast, this is your first time filing a workers compensation claim.

You can "do it yourself" but you may lose many worker's compensation benefits, perhaps all of your benefits, in the process.

For example, without a worker's compensation attorney, you might omit a request for certain benefits that you could otherwise have had.

You might miss a key deadline and become ineligible for injury benefits. Even the doctor you choose to diagnose your case can have an impact on the results.

An experienced workers comp lawyer can help you make the right choices.

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